Bird Control using Birds of Prey has become more popular over the years. Raptor Ranch has developed procedures that are more public friendly, safer for the predatory birds, the prey birds and is beneficial for public relations in spite of all the animal controversy in recent years in the animal industry.

We offer new and old techniques but specialize in non-kill, non-chemical form of bird control. We have also adapted our procedures to accommodate the changes in the sites. Non-kill procedures have been developed to become more public friendly. Our procedures are also beneficial in minimizing the interference of the daily operations of the site. We at Raptor Ranch save hundreds of birds from injury and death every year.

The birds are the backbone of Raptor Ranch. The business originated in providing a purpose and quality of life to those who may otherwise have been deemed useless due to their individual circumstance.  Due our Bird of Prey and medical knowledge, these birds we given a second chance  and their purpose in captivity is to save hundreds of other birds  from death and injury every year.  In a environmental and public friendly method, we use non kill and non chemical techniques which adds safety and humane practices for not only the prey birds but our predatory birds as well.

With the extensive training of the birds, we develop and utilize the individual strengths of each species, and each individual bird as any other working animal in captivity.

For example, Harris Hawks are very social birds and stick close to the handlers. They are best utilized in the immediate area of concern, in which no other species can. 

Our Northern Goshawk, for instance, is a more solitary bird and travels a much farther distance from the handler at an incredible speed. They are best utilized for clearing or pushing the subjects from a larger area and to greater distances. Goshawks flight path is low to the ground and follows the curvature of the terrain, which provides an opportunity for a sneak attack.

Falcons have a similar effect to the Goshawk in speed and in distance, but utilize the air instead of the ground.  As their flight is high and visible from large distances, their mere presence is a deterrent which gains and keeps control of large numbers in large areas.

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