Raptor Ranch's mission is to provide our resident raptors with the highest quality of life, by combining expertise in fields of wildlife rehabilitation, bird behaviour, and falconry allowing us to specializing in:


  • Site specific consultation regarding bird abatement
  • Using bird behaviour to manage nuisance wildlife
  • Environmentally friendly non-chemical bird control
  • Applying non-kill wildlife management strategies 
  • Providing a forever home for needy falconry birds
  • Alternative medicine for the care of raptors
Our bird control methods combine these specializations allowing us to provide long-term lasting effect in the management of nuisance wildlife.  

Come visit Raptor Ranch to experience!


  • Meet and greet with our resident birds!
  • Falconry in the Fraser Valley
  • Flight Demonstrations
  • Outdoor on-site presentations for children & youth (to follow Covid-19 protocols one house hold per presentation)
  • Tours of Raptor Ranch
  • Family Friendly Site
  • Educational Workshops
  • An opportunity to see raptor's up close!
We ask all visitors to please respect these predatory birds by giving them space, and adhering to the regulations at Raptor Raptor during on and off site presentations. Please advise on site presentations are by appointment only, look forward to welcoming you at Raptor Ranch! 
BirdCare Trainee enjoying creance flying as much as our resident hawk is!

A favourite time of the year!

Now open for registration!

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