Raptor Ranch Bird of Prey Centre is located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. The main focus of the centre is maintaining quality of life for our resident birds and all birds of prey in captivity. All of our birds were born in captivity and, therefore, are not able to be released into the wild. To facilitate our mission, we network and assist with those in rehabilitation, rescue, veterinarian, falconry and wildlife industries. This allows our volunteers, staff and students a unique opportunity to train in all aspects of bird and wildlife care including rehabilitation, rescue, medical, handling, treatments and falconry.

We specialise in consulting and placements of service providers in traditional and non-kill/non-chemical bird control in areas all over British Columbia. Birds of prey are proven to be very effective in controlling nuisance birds in industrial areas, warehouses, landfills, airports, etc. By utilizing their natural predatory presence in an area, as well as combining with other methods, techniques and procedures they save hundreds of birds each year from being injured by machinery and other hazards and save our clients from the expense of fixing and maintaining their equipment. Our bird control methods are based on bird and animal behaviour and this allows us to provide non-kill bird control.



















In addition to bird control, we offer a variety of opportunities for the public to learn about birds of prey, wildlife, rescue and working animals in captivity. We offer presentations on- and off-site for school groups, private and government agencies, events, naturalists, photographers, environmental groups, private functions and kids clubs. Our most popular presentations focus on working animals in captivity and how we provide them with a purpose and quality of life. These birds are not pets, but working animals, and are protected under the Wildlife Act. As such, there is no touching of the birds during the presentations. We work hard to make our presentations both educational and enjoyable. Our presentations explain the difference between domestic, farm and wild animals and how every person can support them with a few small acts of compassion. Our presentations provide the public with the opportunity to see these amazing birds up close and personal. This helps bring awareness to their presence in their natural environment and sheds light on their fragility and the need for conservation of their habitats.

Our working birds – those that provide bird control or participate in presentations – help support the non-working birds that live at the centre. During some of our presentations, supplies are gathered for donation. These are a great help to us in supporting our birds, especially the senior and medical residents. Many of our birds came to us because of illness or injury and all of our birds are with us until they pass. We strive to provide the best quality of life possible for each bird in our care.







Another unique opportunity at the centre is hosting yoga, meditation or photography classes or practice. We have individual practitioners or instructors who bring students to practice their skills with the raptors. The birds provide relaxation and a calming presence for yoga and mediation and a beautiful subject to practice photography skills.

The center offers tours by appointment only. Day classes, courses and workshops are also available. Please contact us for more information at info@raptorranch.ca or contact@raptorranch.ca

Interested in volunteering? We are accepting applications for the winter and spring session, apply today!

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