Raptor Ranch is still proceeding with regular off-site bird control consultations and services. 

Controlling gulls where there's garbage!

Well known for our environmental friendly non-chemical, non-kill bird control program that is public friendly!

  • Customizing bird control programs to fit your site needs.

  • Over 20 years of experience in birdcontrol for commercial and industrial sites like landfills & fisheries. 

  • Specializing in controlling gulls, pigeons, and crows.

  • Using species with fast wing beats such as goshawks & falcons to act as deterrents for unwanted birds. 

  • Strategically using support staff, and when available site staff to apply techniques on site, which makes our program unique!
  • We work with sites individually to meet site goals, while also working within each site's budget so please call or email to book a consultation today!

Our working birds help us support our senior & forever homed birds on site!