Presentation/Education Program

Our presentations have become very popular with many different groups, events and functions. Of course, the birds of prey themselves are the main topic and we exhibit a variety of birds, usually a hawk and a falcon, or different species of hawks or falcons. This has proven to be captivating with adults, youth and children who usually would not have the opportunity to see a wild raptor up close. Our presentations are geared toward being both educational and enjoyable and discuss the importance of care, maintenance, environment, training, handling, disease prevention, and licensing/permits.


Bird of Prey Center Volunteer Program

Raptor Ranch is a closed private centre and we rely on our amazing volunteers to be able to care for our resident birds. Our team is close-knit, reliable and passionate. We have occasional opportunities throughout the year to add volunteers to our team in a variety of departments within the centre. Some areas our volunteers assist with are bird care and bird maintenance, cage and building construction, presentation/education, office/administrative, site and yard work. Bird handling and flying have different qualifications and commitment level required and are usually reserved for our apprentices and interns.  Wildlife rescue, pick up and transport with local rehabilitation centres is a very important part of the volunteer program and we are always looking people to help our local wildlife centres. 


To become a volunteer an orientation, interview and tour of the centre are required. We generally require people to attend our volunteer program for some time before enrollment in our Apprenticeship Program is granted.


















Apprenticeship/Intern Program

Many of our employees, apprentices, and subcontractors began training as volunteers, students, and interns, and have continued working with birds and in the wildlife or rehab industries worldwide. Some have their own birds and work for or own falconry businesses. They have not only trained in falconry/bird control but also in bird of prey and field medicine and are key components in the birds' daily maintenance and care. After a volunteer program is completed and fundamental bird of prey knowledge, care, respect and maintenance is demonstrated, acceptance into the Apprenticeship Program will be then be approved.

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