Raptor Ranch was established in 2005 and concentrated at first on domestic and farm animal rescue. Wildlife rescue was incorporated about 20 years ago and it quickly became the focus as it was apparent that was where the need was greatest. Due to the love, passion and dedication of staff and volunteers, Raptor Ranch was built into what it is today.

Our founders out started extensively volunteering and training in the wildlife rehabilitation industry. One of our founders discovered an affinity for birds of prey rehab and medicine and quickly began specialising in this area. Within a year, she was offered the position of Bird Care Supervisor at a bird of prey rehabilitation centre. She worked there for five years and also began training with falconers to enhance her understanding and skill in handling wild raptors. She trained as a falconer, built up a commercial bird control business and is now one of the leading bird control companies in BC.

Raptor Ranch has worked closely within the Wildlife Rehabilitation Network of BC and has become a wildlife network itself. We also host the Wildlife Emergency Response Program of BC.

Raptor Ranch has become known in the industry as a “last chance” facility for challenging and complex cases, due to our bird of prey knowledge and compassion.

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